Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Another fine mess

As a temporary fix we decided to clean up the old utility room by painting the tiles white. Carol, having watched far too many ‘television make over shows’, was eager to take responsibility for the painting task. She also decided that she should paint the pantry which was almost as badly decorated as the utility room. The chosen paint contained a toxic mix of paint and glue, and the fumes it gave off badly affected both of our respiratory systems. The result of this ‘makeover’ was that we had a clean looking if still shabby pantry and utility room. It was obvious that new shelves and storage units would be a waste of money if we didn’t change the tiles. 

We would live with the reality of what we had for the time being; though that sense of acceptance of our situation was tested, when I stored a tin of black paint in a box on the top shelf of the pantry, only for the paint to spill and form a huge black stain on the newly painted walls. Design feature it wasn’t

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weechuff said...

Oh what a shame, and what a mess