Friday, February 17, 2006

It's all in the wrist!

Paco has triumphed once again! I was sceptical about the amount of material available to him, although I had scoured every bit of the garden to rescue fragments of the 'piedra'.

Always confident of the result, Paco has even surprised Christian with his workmanship. He has effortlessly worked the un-yielding material around the curve of the stairway.

Once the mortar is dry the excess will be brushed away with a wire brush, before the surface is sealed with a silicone based sealant. I will add that to my list then!

Later still

Once the workers leave the site, I sieve the sand heap and fill two barrows full to the brim. I have placed a large board with pieces of 'piedra' on it within an easy reach of the steps. When you are paying by the hour it is important that the 'artiste' is not kept waiting.

West side story

Paco and Christian have tiled the exterior of the steps to the east and west terraces, underneath the tiles they have matched in the 'piedra'.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Further steps

The steps at the kitchen door at the rear of the house were a big problem, but Paco extended them to the corner making them more useful and tidier at the same time


The steps at the front of the house have been tiled to match the interior tiles, the entrance is therefore much improved. Designed to curve to the left the steps posed a few problems for Paco as he worked on them. Keen to show his mastery of his craft he will render the sides of the steps; and he suggests that if I can find enough fragments of the 'piedra' he will also match the steps to the stone on the rest of the house. He might be showing off now!