Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tile removal

The wall construction is of a waffle style of brick tile, easy to cut with a trowel whilst laying them, and allowing wires to be fed through the chambers making up the waffle. A strong render was applied over the brick tile before the ceramic tile was applied using a ‘dot and dab’ technique. 

If you look at the pattern of tile adhesive marks on the cleared section of wall, you will see that the material has been applied as a dot in each corner and a dab in the centre very much like the pattern on a playing card such as the 5 of spades.  So if you are faced with the removal of a single tile to effect a repair you should follow this procedure.

  • Cut through the grout lines around the tile.
  • Strike the tile to be removed at the mid points on each side.
  • Remove the broken pieces of tile.
  • Use a small chisel to remove the dab of adhesive in the centre.
  • Now remove the dots at each corner carefully avoiding damage to the surrounding tiles.
  • Brush out the debris from the void where the tile was removed and ensure the floor / wall is level.
  • Fix the new tile using dot and dab method.
  • Grout the joints.
  • Admire your handy work.

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