Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A different perspective

The dividing wall between the old pantry and the utility room presented us with two possibilities, by retaining the wall we could site a W.C. in the pantry; and place a shower cubicle against the other side of that wall and a wash basin between the shower and the window, separate rooms An alternative layout was to demolish the diving wall and brick up the door of the pantry creating one larger room which would provide enough space to put in a full bath and shower. We toured the DIY outlets measuring the units on display as well as sourcing the materials, and decided that we would take the single room approach to installing the bathroom. 

Now it was time for demolition to begin, we were fairly certain that the dividing wall between the two rooms was non-supporting. We had opted to employ the same firm that installed the heating and other bathroom suites and they confirmed that the wall was a non-supporting structure and could be removed. 

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