Sunday, October 05, 2008

Somebody should do something!

If there was one particular room in this house which cried out for attention it was the so called “Utility room”. Our or rather their Utility room was located on the ground floor of the house and it was adjacent to the kitchen on one side and a small walk in pantry on the other side; though with so many recent demands on our budget it had slipped down the list of our priorities. Decoration in the utility room was bizarre. Though neatly tiled, the walls of the room was displaying what can only be described as the odds and sods of left-over, blue coloured or patterned tiles from the previous owners of the properties many projects of long gone days. In the corner of the room was a precast concrete sink with an integral washboard.

 After expressing astonishment at our Gaudi-esc tile patterns, our kitchen supplier had told us that the sinks were an old favourite of Spanish ladies; and that even younger people were installing them in their properties whenever they had space. Personally I think that was just one of many points he stretched, others included the timetable for the kitchen installation and an estimation of when the small unfinished details would be completed. Still we persevered and alls well that ends well. So we decided not to break the sink, it would be useful in the garden or stable area we thought, it was after all big enough to bathe a small cow in. 

 The ‘Paleters’ (builders) who had installed the steel frames required for the double glazed windows, were absolutely delighted when I press-ganged them into helping me carry the ‘Spanish ladies favourite’ from the house to the stable


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