Saturday, September 04, 2004

Wake me up when it's all over!

September has arrived and Spain is back at work.

7am and the first of the three teams of builders are on site they will work on the roof, exterior wall repairs and the cornice which is crumbling.

8am and the kitchen supply company are here too.

8.30 The plasterer 'paletta' or ‘yesoista’ delivers his materials and negotiates his space on the site.

10am The Window manufacturer arrives with another 'paletta' who will remove the current windows and install the steel frame that will hold the aluminium frames in place once work begins, they need more measurements.

Every two minutes I have to speak to one or another of the firms involved about supplies and potential problems. No sooner do those conversations start then a telephone call from one of the companies involved is called for; I am handed a series of mobile telephones and I take part in three way dialogues; my Spanish is being pushed to breaking point.

1pm Thank god for their siesta! Everybody leaves the site.

3.30pm The work resumes with a vengeance.

4pm The next piece in the jigsaw falls into place, the 'palettas' responsible for fixing the 'piedra' to the lower part of the external walls arrive. They will work till 9pm or 10pm as necessitated by their work.

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