Sunday, September 05, 2004

Any colour you want as long as it's...

The painter arrived with some samples for us to choose from, he was recommended by the owners of the specialist paint store we had visited in Figueres. The proprietors had often employed him to work on their own home. His work they said was good, he was also very clean in his methods and although not the cheapest, asked fair prices for his work

He painted coloured swatches on the wall and then asked us for our opinion.

Sample 4 was not practical because of the soil that would be carried on the wind from ploughed fields on the farms around about us.

Sample 3 was a little too orange.

Sample 2 was not available in the anti cracking specification he had advised.

Sample 1 this years black, was available in the anti crack formula and also toned with the
various shades contained in the stone work.

And the winner is Sample 1.

The only complication is that he can not paint the window and door frames until the double glazing has been fitted. He will either return after the fitting of the windows or he will give us a discount of 250 euros if I paint the frames. So thats another job on my list!

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