Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Brimming over.

The pool renovation appears to have paid off, here it is shown full of rainwater collected from the stable roof. I doesn't rain often here but when it does, it does! At least it now water tight and we can begin to think about pumps and filtration.


Rob said...


I have just spent a very enjoyable half an hour reading your 'villa in spain' weblog.

Very enthralling.

But you have gone quiet - are you still there?

I'm a Brit and have been living in Portugal for the past fifteen years, so I can both commiserate with some of the problems you encountered with your villa, and celebrate with you for the good parts. :)

All the best,


weechuff said...

I was enjoying your blog, but have you stopped doing it now? Or have you moved back to England?


Colin and Carol said...

Hi folks, we are still here the posting dried up a bit because of computer and other issues but in the next few days I hope to publish some more information about our progress, thanks for your support.

weechuff said...

I am so glad! I look forward to hearing some more from you soon. I will keep checking back:0)

Sandie (UK)