Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Urban plot

This land surrounding the house is urban which means construction subject to planning regulations should be possible. The land to the right of this area is the finca which is non urbanisable and can only be used for farming.

This unmade road is the main access to the house, although we were told by the house owner it is a private road it is in fact owned by the local authority.

The yellow coloured building is a storage facility owned by a door manufacturer who is based in the village. That storage building was built by the owner of this house, and he operated it as a bread bakery. Eight years ago the property was divided and sold by a bank who had forclosed his mortgage.

The concrete slab inside the wall is the top of the old septic tank 'fos-septica' although the house is now connected to the village water and sewerage systems.

Outside the fence is the shared private road; it is shared by the owner of the house, the factory storage, the partialy constructed house and an adjoining farmer.

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