Sunday, May 16, 2004

The deep south

Almond plantations in full bloom against the bluest of skies in Almeria had looked very seductive. Though the practicalities of living in an isolated finca with only a few 2nd home owners providing occasional company soon redressed the balance.

Murcia was a lovely city and well worth a visit; we will probably enjoy a weekend or two there in the future. From Murcia we drove down to Cartejena and the surrounding villages.

Murcia's fertile plains were tempting but the lack of rainfall was a concern the garden was high on our list of requisites. Building regulations dictated that to build our own villa of 200m2, we required a plot in excess of 20,000m2. Plots of that size also had the effect of pushing us further into the countryside and away from village amenities. Requiring a car journey for every visit to the local village. Housing developments without local people lacked the sense of real community.

Throughout our travels we were becoming aware, through media reports, that access to water was of major concern to the peoples of Spain. Fierce disputes over water rights were common between various regional powers, even though everywhere we looked new golf courses were being developed.

Coastal areas often seemed to be over developed. A hive of activity in the busy summer months but deserted and forlorn in the winter time.

The increasingly arid south was loosing out in our estimation to the greener north country.

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