Tuesday, June 07, 2005

One step forward two steps back

Our expert ‘instal:lador’ has worked his magic and everything within the bathroom is in position. The expert is looking vacant again, something he is very expert at!

When he was measuring the walls for the placement of the pipes, he had removed from the bathroom the very cabinet that was now causing the problem, and put it in an adjoining room. Despite advice from myself and his colleagues that he should simply draw around the cabinet carcass making a template on the wall. He told us this was his work and that he knew what he was doing. Our expert then walked backwards and forwards between the bathroom and bedroom taking measurements from the cabinet and transferring them to the wall where the cabinet would be fitted.

On examination of the situation he has identified the problem, that the cabinet case obstructs the connection to the water supply for the taps. His solution is that he will cut out a large hole in the cabinet, thereby weakening the cabinet but allowing him to connect to the water supply. In order to get this proposal past me he tells me about the situation, but does so by speaking German to me.

It is often said that the most powerful word in any language is ‘No!’

And so it was. I had to say ‘nein!’

Now I was insisting that he corrected the pipe work, retiled the wall and fitted the cabinet as it should be. As usual the extra work he caused was done by others, this is how one often recognises the expert.

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